Top 7 Good Road Side Manners

There are more cars on the road now than ever before. Previously not everyone was able to afford a car but nowadays there are a variety of options available suitable for every pocket. With public transport not being the ideal means of transport anymore, more people are driving themselves to work. The sheer amount of cars on the road is what causes congestion so it is good practice for everyone to adopt healthy road side manners.

We all have to share the roads we drive on so we have to be courteous with one another. Here are seven good road side manners to adopt.

If you are in bumper to bumper traffic and there is a car in the left lane that needs to get into the right lane you’re in, allow them a gap ahead of you. Perhaps they need to be in that lane in order to turn right at the intersection ahead.
When another driver gives you a gap ahead of them, do the courteous thing and say thank you by flashing your hazard lights a couple of times. The flashing of hazard lights for a couple of times is a general thank you gesture on the roads.
Don’t tailgate another driver. Keep your driving distance and give the driver ahead of you a comfortable space. You should be able to see the car’s rear wheels. If you can’t see the rear wheels then you are too close.
Keep left and pass right. If there is more than one lane, then stick to the left lane. If you need to pass, then pass to the right lane and back to the left lane again. This allows all drivers to drive along at their own pace within the speed limit.
Allow pedestrians to cross at intersections, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians are road users too. Bring your car to a stop and give them time to cross the road.
Keep an eye out for motorcycles and cyclists. If you check your mirrors and blind spots at the pertinent moments then you will notice the cyclists. If they are coming closer to you ensure that you allow them sufficient space to pass by. A one meter distance from them is usually acceptable.
Don’t brake too much. Some drivers drive with their foot on the brakes all the time and will apply the brakes all the time for no good reason. This confuses drivers behind you. They’re not sure if you’re slowing down to stop or just to slow down.

Brake Discs: Staying Safe on the Roads

Whether it is during the holiday season or during the working season, it is always important to stay safe on the roads. During the holidays the roads become so congested because everyone is generally travelling to the same vacation destinations. Whilst during the working months most people work in the same metropolitan areas which lead to those highways being extremely busy. With so many cars on the roads these days it is necessary to do your part in order to stay safe on the roads.

Be courteous on the roads. Allow other drivers a space ahead of you, if they require. Use your indicators so that other drivers know which way you intend to turn. Keep safe braking distances as this can help you to avoid an accident that may occur in front of you.
Stick to the speed limit. Don’t be tempted to drive too fast. Speed is a killer whether you believe it or not. You may think that you’re in control of the vehicle, and you may be, but it is the unexpected actions of other drivers or pedestrians on the road that could lead to a devastating accident.
Be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists. There are many pedestrians and cyclists on the road. It is important to note that they are road users too. Just like you, they also have to go to work and back home again. Be aware of them just as you are aware of other cars.
Buckle up. It’s surprising how many people ignore this simple instruction yet seatbelts save so many lives. Everyone in the car which includes the driver as well as all passengers should buckle up at all times.
Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. Make sure that your vehicle has no problems that can affect its driving abilities. Take it for regular services to check the engine, oil and water levels, wheels, tyres, gearbox, brakes, etc. If any car part is not working, such as the brake discs, it is important to repair it immediately. Any faulty car parts can affect the proper working of the car which could lead to an accident.
Overtake carefully. If you need to pass another vehicle, take extra care to check whether the road ahead is clear. Also check that no other cars are trying to overtake you in the process. Many accidents occur during overtaking other vehicles because the driver underestimates the distance and speed at which the other car is driving towards them.

Drive Safe by Being Smart


Thought cars have made our lives so much easier and convenient yet as a society; we still lack patience, crave danger or choose to be careless. According to reports over the years traffic fatalities have increased significantly.

So, I was just watching a video (short film) that inspired me to talk on this issue of reckless driving. It made me think about the cause. Could it have been prevented if he wasn’t distracted?


In that short video, as the guy seemingly decent, slows down for an old man to pass as he waves at him back. It’s that time, when someone texts him, maybe his fiancé and sends him her pic. He just gets distracted for a second, watching those pic, he’s almost about to hit another car, when he takes a left-hand turn, and hits someone (mom and the baby in the stroller).

He takes a turn only to see a woman and her baby in stroller right in front of him. The clip ends as the mom struggles to reach to her son only to see he is gone. The man that accidentally ran over, it was his wedding day!

Sometimes one second is all it takes for your life to turn for the worst. Showing a disregard for the rules of the road, may get you into a situation, you can’t escape. Sometimes you can’t travel a second back or wish it was just a nightmare.


‘Less distractions’ ‘fresh energy’ ‘most productive’

Multi-tasking (during driving) is how I would put this together into words. It’s very common and still ignored as a serious issue. Calling, texting, or being distracted by something while driving is irresponsible.


Wake up 15 minutes early, less frustration and less chances of distracted driving.

Now you’re, stuck in traffic, cursing, the traffic noise and the chaos. We have lost patience and the consequences are the incidents that happen every day, right in front of us yet we choose to ignore them.

Let’s say you’re waking up late, rushing to get car keys, by the time you find them you are too late to have your breakfast and indulge in distracted driving (in addiction to texting or talking, putting on make-up, snacking).

Sadly, whether Intentional or unintentional, it has the same consequence in these kind of accidents. There are many factors that contribute to this but identifying the contributory factors help understand in depth.

• The reckless driving ranks on the top one:

• Harmless can be lethal.

• Phones aren’t the only issue

• Driving while drowsy, speeding, having multiple passengers

• browsing music

• tending to your children in the backseat

• Dangerous behavior, acknowledging

• (Failing to follow simple rules again and again)

• (Failing to wear seatbelts)

• Unexpected maneuvering (bus and trucks)

• Paying less attention to the oncoming vehicles in the opposite lane

• Misjudgment of distance and speed

• (Motorcycles move differently from cars)

• Lack of street lighting.Unclear vision due to shadow of small trees, advertisement boards, and roadside objects during the night time.

• Difficulty in distinguishing the lane separation

• Road and Environment Factor, in particular for developing countries (where vehicle and road-environment are still not of the same standards as developed countries).


I am writing this as reckless driving and young people are very much is ‘connected’ if we look at the statistics.

Teenage kids are most, at risk of reckless driving, and the reason is almost all teenagers behave in an impulsive, irrational, or dangerous way.

Violent games are also one of the causes teenagers are more likely to drive recklessly; according to new violent video games, movies, are a ‘gate way’ to risky thoughts. Now, that’s not just one way to desensitize one, and risky thoughts lead to risky behavior.

Although peer pressure may seem harmless, it is no joke. This craving of thrill and danger may result in horrible consequences they don’t fully understand, probably roll their eyes and ignore. As a parent, make sure they stay safe; awareness is important, follow the rules and road security regulations, and be smart and responsible.

They’re easily pressured into doing something reckless, can become a detriment to the safety of teen drivers. They should be aware, in situations like these, preventing a drunken friend from hurting themselves or someone else. Try to help them to be responsible, advise them (not lecture) to prevent from getting into trouble.

Being safe by not breaking any rules:

Running late is one of the main causes and being five minutes early can reduce that chance.

No distraction: such as cell phones, don’t get in a fight or check text messages. Use when safely parked and there is no more rush.

Stay calm and whatever makes you relax. Listen to music, if it helps to physically calm the body, if anxious.

There is no excuse for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.Call a cab, crash at a friend’s house but don’t drive.

Every day we encounter or hear this disheartening news and though we know the dangers but we do need to constantly remind ourselves because this can save anyone we love. Working on safety and road regulations still needs to be done. Let’s keep promoting a clear understanding of responsibilities, their impact and consequences.