A Complete Camping Checklist for New Campers

Is your long awaited camping trip with your friend finally becoming a reality? You, for sure must have started visiting online and offline stores that equip themselves with camping equipment especially when you do not own any of them. Well, don’t get baffled by the wide range of camping equipment as you may not require all of what the stores suggest. If you start picking up everything that comes in the way, you are sure to end up with the things that are not even required for the trip. Here is a complete checklist that you may utilise to purchase the necessary equipment for your camping.

Waterproof tent: Make sure you are buying a tent that does not soak water or cramped during hazardous weather conditions. Don’t purchase a large tent if there aren’t too many people travelling. Focus on finding a waterproof tent for two people and ensure that the tent is lightweight and easy to open up whenever required.

Lights: It is always better to set the campfire near your tent to keep you warm as well as keep danger at bay. However, you should be equipped with minimum light sources. Various online websites sell electric lights, LEDs and dual fuel lamps that are easy on the pocket without you having to fear about running out of wood. Make sure you carry batteries with you as it is the ultimate power supply.

First aid kit: Insect repellents and band-aids are the most important elements that should be included in your first aid kit. You can also carry gels and medicines to save you from mosquito bites. Carrying emergency medicines can help you well especially when you are out to a place that has zero connectivity with the world.

Portable cooler: If you have decided to stay out in the camp for a few days, you should store enough food and keep it in the refrigerator. You will find online stores selling portable fridges that will easily stack in the rear end of your car and save your food from getting contaminated.

Bedding: You need to find small yet comfortable bedding for yourself. Pick the right one based on the weather you are going for the trip. Make sure the bedding is lightweight and provides you with enough space for stretching your legs.

Reliable cooking equipment: No matter how you want to cook while camping, you should buy a portable cooking pot for preparing the food. It will be foolish from your side to depend on the campfire for cooking as it is restricted in several camping grounds. You need to carry at least one cooking pot and a stove along with sufficient fuel to prepare necessary food.

Portable camping chairs and tables: Camping is not always about staying in the tents. You need to get out from your den to enjoy the nature and allow its beauty to seep into you. Therefore, carrying a foldable table and a chair will let you feel like home while stretching your legs with the coffee mug on the table.

Shovel: You are not required to carry a heavy or giant shovel with you for the camping, but taking a small one will prove to be worthy. You will quickly find a small and portable shovel in any camping store that will help you in digging up the small holes to set up the tent and fix it to the ground.

How To Find The Just-Right Frio River Rental For Your Camping Trip

If you and your family have decided to take a camping trip in Texas, no doubt you are sure to think about Frio River rentals and all that they have to offer your loved ones. The truth of the matter is that Texas is full of absolutely breathtaking options for stellar camping trips along a river, but year after year, the Frio River seems to move its way into the top of many lists for providing exceptional experiences for everyone.

But when it comes to finding the right rental for your upcoming camping trip, it is important for you to think about what your trip will be all about from start to finish. This is where most families with camping horror stories first began their descent into outdoors doom.

For example, make sure that your proposed camping time does not coincide with a major event near the Frio River. Remember, it is one of the most popular destinations for visitors looking to reintroduce themselves to the outdoors during the summer. Note that the river serves as a shining jewel in the outdoorsman crown that is Garner State Park in Concan, TX (one of the most popular overnight camping spots anywhere in Texas).

Make sure you & your family know what you want out of your camping trip. Make a list of amenities & goals, and use the internet to help guide you to the right camping rental for you. Having a clear idea of what you want out of your time along the river will make it easier to find the right rental for everyone.

You also want to be sure to plan for the elements, and that will depend on what time of the year you actually travel to the Frio. More than likely you’ll want to take good, solid hiking shoes or boots, a sturdy pant, and even a light, long-sleeved shirt just to make sure you can avoid a chill or lost a layer if it gets too hot. If you plan on swimming or fishing, for example, you’ll want to bring along a little of your high-school Spanish for the trip. The word ‘frio’ is Spanish for cold, and this makes reference to the coolness of the water temperature.

Finally, one area in which many vacationers tend to get engrossed in is the desire to try & tackle too much and not have enough fun. The Frio River, and the whole of Uvalde County, Texas, serve as major cornerstones of the famed Texas Hill Country in central Texas, an area of land of about 30,000 square miles. Moreover, the river runs for over two-hundred miles, and it even has been identified in early Spanish exploration maps as far back as the 1600s. In other words, the river has been here for a long time & has a lot to offer over a large area. Enjoy the Frio — don’t try to conquer it.